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The Central Cloud System generates the Real-Time Digital representation of the environment. Based on that, we provide the folloving services:

Improving Vehicle Testing

Mixed rality testing, Scenario in the loop testing (SCil), Automatic test execution, Reference groundtruth data.

Cooperative Perception and Control

Object recognition, Automatic Trajectory planning, Cooperative Task Execution, Monitoring of Geofenc Area.

Cloud Control & Teleoperation

Autonomous control of vehicles from the cloud.
Teleoperation of different platforms.


Our cloud-based system realizes a transport system using the highest-level state of the art technology to provide a holistic solution to support and operate autonomous vehicles in cooperation with infrastructure elements.

Quality Management

We are pleased to announce that our organization has successfully improved its development processes, which now are aligned with the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. This milestone underscores our relentless dedication to delivering high-quality products and services. This strategic implementation ensures a consistent and reliable experience for our valued customers, supported by rigorous quality management. As we progress on our journey, we uphold the principles of continuous improvement, and we remain dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

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Automatic Control of vehicle, and collision avoidance based on infrastructure perception data

Control of sensorless vehicle based on infrastructure perception data

Cooperative surveillance of geofenced location

Meet the Founders

We are committed to increase public road safety through digital twin technology

Zsolt Vincze

CEO & Cofounder

Multisensor Architecture Design
Reference Data System Deployment
Certified ISO 9001 Auditor

András Rövid, PhD

CTO & cofounder

Zsolt Szalay, PhD

Executive Advisor & cofounder

Viktor Tihanyi, PhD

Executive Advisor & cofounder

Viktor Remeli

Executive Advisor & cofounder

Reference locations

Current and expected locations with the support of our Digital Twin solution


Vehicle Prooving Ground

With hte digital infrastructure, the Test Track will have the unique ability of providing real time ground truth data for vehicle test scenarios.



Hungarian Motorway section

The Digital Twin will collect the object data from 100 000 vehicles per day. It will have the ability of recognise special scenarios which has wery low ocurrence likelihood.



The "Smart" Highway road

It will have a 12km long smart section with digital twin coverage for special open road testing. The road also can be closed for testing with high speed (270km/h) scenarios.

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